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The National Centre for Ocean Forecasting (NCOF)

Our OceansBoy and Sea

Two-thirds of our planet are covered by the oceans. Almost two-thirds of the world's population live within 200km of the coast. Our oceans carry 95% of the world's trade by volume of cargo, their fisheries help sustain us, and they are a primary factor in driving our climate and environment.

Our oceans can inspire, can calm, can terrorise. The National Centre for Ocean Forecasting (NCOF) has been formed by people who have been inspired by our oceans and who strive to understand their moods.

Our Organisation

NCOF is a consortium agreement between the Met Office, the Reading University/ESSC, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Cefas and the National Oceanography Centre.

NCOF draws on the expertise of these institutions in order to provide a UK centre of excellence for operational oceanography.

Our Pages

NCOF provides operational forecasting and monitoring of the world's oceans, and specifically coastal seas around the UK. These pages describe our systems for Operational Ocean Forecasting and Operational Ocean Observing, plus the range of Products and Services that NCOF can provide to public, government and business users. The pages also provide examples of what we do, with showcases of both Live Oceanography systems Demonstrators of innovative methods for predicting and undertsanding the sea. Within the pages our commitment is to scientific integrity and an open assessment of the state of our research.

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    Download the NCOF brochure.

    Download the NCOF brochure

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