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NCOF wave scientists are involved in fundamental research to improve and develop global, regional and coastal scale wave forecasting models and observations. 

Over the past two decades, the Met Office has run and maintained a suite of wave models to provide predictions of wave conditions, globally and around the UK.

In October 2008 WAVEWATCH III model configurations were implemented as a replacement for the Met Office second-generation wave model.

The models have a proven track record in providing forecast and hindcast data for a range of applications extending from predicting offshore vessel motion characteristics to forecasts of coastal overtopping.

Global and regional models are run on a daily basis. The existing operational forecast set-up comprises:

Configuration Name
Resolution and Coverage Forecast
Global 30km, 80S-80N, 180W-180E
Twice daily, out to 5 days at 3-hourly resolution
North Atlantic European 12km, 25N-66N, 68W-42E
4 x daily, out to 36 hours at hourly resolution
NAE Extended
12km, 25N-66N, 68W-42E Twice daily, out to 5 days at 3-hourly resolution


Real-time data from the global and regional wave models are currently available via the Met Office Data and Products Distribution Service (DPDS).

Within this section, the wave model group aim to provide relevant information regarding the model system as it continually develops. Please follow the links for further information:


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