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Coastal Seas Forecasting is performed using the FOAM Atlantic Margin Model (AMM) which provides 3-dimensional analyses and 6-day forecasts of ocean currents and tracers as well as several biogeochemical and optical quantities for the European NorthWest continental Shelf (NWS) regional seas. The FOAM AMM system is run daily at the Met Office and is nested into the North Atlantic FOAM deep ocean model.

The FOAM system uses the Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean (NEMO) model as its hydrodynamical core which has been specifically modified for use in tidally-driven regional seas such as the NWS. The biogeochemical forecasts are derived by coupling the NEMO ocean model with the ERSEM ecosystem model. Satellite and in-situ surface temperature data are assimilated each day using the NEMOVAR data assimilation scheme.

The Met Office have been performing routine operational forecasting of the European NorthWest Shelf since June 2000. Prior to the implementation of the FOAM-NEMO AMM system in early 2011, forcasting on the shelf was performed using the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Coastal Ocean Modelling System (POLCOMS) developed at the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory.

Domain Resolution and Coverage Vertical Levels Operational Runs
Atlantic Margin Model 7 km, 40N-65N, 20W-13E
51 Daily analysis & 6-day forecast

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