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The Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Coastal Ocean Modelling System (POLCOMS) was developed at the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, and run operationally at the Met Office since June 2000. It is run daily in three nested configurations on the North West European continental shelves, nested inside North Atlantic FOAM deep ocean model, including one configuration with a full ecosystem model, and in the Persian Gulf.

Domain Resolution and Coverage Vertical Levels Operational Runs
Atlantic Margin Model 12 km, 40N-65N, 20W-13E
34 Daily forecast to five days ahead
Medium Resolution Continental Shelf 6 km, 48N-62N, 12W-13E
20 Daily forecast to five days ahead
European Regional Seas Ecosystem
Model (inside MRCS)
6 km 48N-62N, 12W-13E 20 Daily forecast to five days ahead
Irish Sea 1.8 km, 51N-56N, 7.0W-2.7W 20 Daily forecast to two days ahead
Persian Gulf 12 km 20 Daily forecast to five days ahead

The daily runs forecast ocean currents, salinity and temperature driven by the combination of wind, tides and ocean density contrasts, while biological parameters also forecast by the ERSEM ecosystem model. At higher resolutions, the models are able to resolve ocean eddies and intricate coastal features.

The shelf-seas modelling system is relocatable, allowing configurations to be set up for any shelf-seas region.

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